The Green Door

The game was supposed to be easy.
Pages: 292
Coming of Age


When Meg discovers the flyer for the game hanging in the entryway of the record store, she’s sure it’s fate. The game promises adventure, riches, and an escape from her life on the wrong side of the tracks. Her best friend, Brek, agrees to be her partner, and she’s sure their lives are about to change.

And she’s right, except the game is anything but easy.

Beneath the creepy Rosenbaum Mansion lies a white hallway containing seven colorful doors. Each door is a portal to a different world where teams compete to bring home the desired object. The bigger the prize money, the harder the task. What Meg and Brek discover behind the Green Door tests the strength of their friendship, and their grasp on what is real.

But is it really just a game, or a one-way ticket to something much more dangerous?