The Harvesting

It was the end of everything we knew. The pandemic came, killing millions. Then, the dead began to rise.
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 280
Dark Fantasy | Dystopian


Layla Petrovich, a Smithsonian curator, is busy with her life in Washington D.C. when a pandemic sweeps across the globe. What starts out as the flu flames into a global catastrophe.

Escaping D.C., Layla sets off for her rural hometown. All her life, Layla tried to run from the shadow of her past. Now, she must risk everything to get to her grandmother, the only person she truly loves, before it’s too late. The townspeople of Hamletville—including the ex-boyfriend who jilted her—will soon discover that they need Layla’s help if they hope to survive the end of the world.

But unknown to them, the undead are not the only supernatural beings who have a stake in the end of mankind.