The Honeymoon

It sounded like a honeymoon neither of them would ever forget. And it was....
Genre: Library | Romance
Pages: 353
Clean & Wholesome Romance | Contemporary Romance


Olivia is about to walk down the aisle, and it’s the best day of her life…probably. No, it definitely is…right? She loves her fiancé very much, and he’s totally not boring…okay, so maybe she’s got some last-minute doubts. John, meanwhile, couldn’t be happier. After all, he’s marrying the woman of his dreams. So what if they really haven’t gotten to know each other all that well? They’ve got their whole lives to tell each other the tiny little details, things like the minor fact that he’s been married before. Twice.

When a panicked Olivia joins an unsuspecting John at the altar, neither one can possibly guess the future that awaits them: A guilty bride, a suspicious groom, an agonizing reception, a breakup at 32,000 feet, nonstop bickering, jealousy, and a meltdown in the airplane bathroom—and the honeymoon’s just getting started!

Join them as they explore both Paris and their last nerves on their trainwreck of a honeymoon. Is this trip the worst thing that could have happened to either one of them…or could it lead to something more beautiful than either of them ever imagined?