The Magic of Unkindness:

Everyone she knows is dead. If she can’t master her powers, she’ll be next.
Pages: 419
Coming of Age


Boston, Eighteenth Century. Kate Finch is desperate for a fresh start. Recently arrived from London after a harrowing year of every person she loved dying at the hands of demons, her new beginning starts badly when thugs attempt to murder her. And after they deliver her to Salem in a cart full of corpses, the terrified sixteen-year-old refuses to believe her rescuer declaring she’s a witch.

Uncertain when the older man claims he can help her, Kate reluctantly accepts his offer to become his apprentice. But when her mentor vanishes into a sinister parallel realm, the strong young woman vows to use her growing witchcraft to retrieve the strange magician she’s come to respect.

Will her bold entry into an unknown world of darkness take her last breath?