The Magician Card

When Harper Kagel receives word that her cousin had taken a deadly fall, she drops everything and returns to her hometown of Steepwick, Maine.
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 210
Cozy Mystery | Women Sleuths


She’s avoided the odd town with a witchy past for decades, and only planned to stay long enough for the funeral. But her cousin had other plans. Now Harper’s the new owner of her cousin’s home, café-bookstore, and opinionated Westie named Einstein.

The town’s residents welcome Harper’s return with open arms, including her ex. The secret crime solvers’ society even inducts her into their Cold Case Club.

But when Harper finds herself the target of a killer, she’ll need the Cold Case Club’s help to solve an ancient family mystery. If they can’t figure it out, Harper will follow in the footsteps of her dearly departed cousin.