The Mantiz Gambit

In a galaxy where ships relocate from star to star instantaneously, but then must slog through billions of kilometers to reach an individual planet, the Union of Earth maintains a tenuous hold on its colonies.
Series: Disunion
Pages: 593
Military | Space Opera


When the planet Acadia threatens to secede from the Union, Ex Fleet Commander Matt Ryder faces a choice: born on Acadia but with strong ties on Earth, he must decide between his loyalty to his Acadian commander and the memory of his dead father.

As Matt makes his fateful choice, civil war breaks out between Earth and Acadia. A young bureaucrat named Amanda Chester is sure that alien forces are behind the rebellion. Thrust into the role of mission leader by politicians hoping to watch her fail, Amanda guides a small group of operators, including a reluctant Matt Ryder, on a mission that will either stop the war… or start a larger one.