The Paladin Chronicles Book bundle 1-4

Over 1700 pages (6000,000 words) of Epic Fantasy, adventure, love, some historical fantasy and a light sprinkling of humour. All set in ancient times and exotic locations.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Series: Box set
Pages: 2337
Alternative History | Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


The story begins with Hakeem, a mercenary from the desert city of Karsh (in what is now Syria).
Growing up in a monastery, all he ever wanted was to become a religious monk.
He can’t understand why he was refused by the Grand Abbot, whom he loved like a father.
The old man told him he was destined to become something called a ‘paladin’.
Broken hearted and penniless, he runs away making a long journey to join the desert mercenaries fighting in the Greek colonies on the western coast of Turkey.
Paladins were very rare , and the Shayvist monks believed they were sent by their God, each with a great task. The old Abbot didn’t know that a second child had already been ‘sent’ but what possible task would require two paladins?
After fighting in a war in Greek Turkey, Hakeem rises to the level of a senior commander and is summoned home by the new Grand Abbot of his people.
Little does he realise, then, that he will soon be caught up in events that were prophesied two thousands years before.
The once mighty Elves are fading.They have lost almost all their magic. Their numbers are shrinking. They no longer live longer than humans and each year they have fewer and fewer children.
Their final destruction has been foretold and now the time is all but upon them.
They are destined to face barbarian hordes greater than the time of the Aryans accompanied by an ancient sorcerer who can command a demon army.
There seems little hope that it wont overwhelm them completely and destroy them without a trace.
Only through an ancient prophecy can they be saved.
Hakeem, an Elvish Princess and their adopted daughter join to flee assassins and begin the search for a way to save the Elves.