The Pale-Eyed Mage

Sheldrake is a mage. Maud is a shapeshifter. When their son is born, he is completely pale with nearly white eyes: the legacy of a fearsome great-grandmother.
Pages: 510
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


Jayhan grows into a cheery, accident-prone eight-year-old, unhappily aware of his heritage. Soon, a dark-eyed orphan enters his life; rescued from a brutal master to become their stableboy, Sasha’s past and present are shrouded in secrets.

The only legacy Sasha has of the past is an obsidian amulet. As secrets of the young stableboy’s past slowly come to light, they’re all thrown into a world of danger.

With ancient prophecies coming to bear and deadly enemies at all sides, can they uncover the secrets of the dark amulet.. and survive?