The Path of Celestial Thunder

In a world of power, Jasmine is the outcast.
Series: Lesser Souls
Pages: 808
Asian Myth | Cultivation | Epic Fantasy


No matter how long she meditates, breathing in the vital aura of the world, her soul refuses to cultivate. Her betters say the Heavens forbid it, but Jasmine isn’t so sure. She can’t be destined to live the quiet life of a nun. She is tired of being pushed around and watching others treat her friends like trash. She’ll do anything, even break the peace of the valley, to fix her condition and protect those she loves.

Meanwhile, Ti’Lee is trapped by tradition. His father expects him to become an imperial scholar, but his true passion lies in spiritsmithing—a career that would blacken his family’s name. As the entrance exam for the School of Rising Sun approaches, Ti’Lee must make a choice that will change his destiny forever.

Little do Jasmine and Ti’Lee know, their fates are intertwined, and the choices they make will alter the course of their ever-dying world—a world their Emperor spent centuries building. And he’s not about to let them ruin it.