The Path of Heroes

A cosmic threat. Four heroes. One destiny.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Series: Chosen
Pages: 380
Coming of Age | Epic Fantasy


The greatest of evils looms over the world of Kambia and many others. Inhabitants can feel the darkness cast by the uncanny shadow…and the worst is yet to come.

Empress Zalira and her council call a meeting to discuss what to make of this unprecedented threat, one that even the wizard orders cannot counter.

Lo and behold, it is time to assemble…The Chosen.

Meet Tauzuri Jones, a kid who is often bullied and lonely. The perfect definition of the odd one out from the crowd. Little does he know that his entire world is about to change before his very eyes. Uncharacteristically bright and mature for someone his age, Tauzuri will soon realize he is also…Chosen.

Shortly after his thirteenth birthday, Tauzuri slowly discovers his powers and bewildering secrets about himself that make him question the very reality of his origins. He now knows exactly why he is so different. Where he once felt like he didn’t quite belong in the world, Tauzuri seems to have found his calling.

Upon entering the magical land of Kambia, Tauzuri meets a friendly wizard and finds himself in awe of a place full of wonders he never conceived. He also befriends an unlikely group that shares the same goal as him. Together, they are the Chosen, and they soon embark on an exhilarating journey that will potentially seal their fates as they prepare to battle it out against the evil Overlord who threatens all of existence.

In this first novel of her promising young adult fantasy fiction series, Chosen: The Path of Heroes, K.I. Price has fabricated a realm of unimaginable marvels and memorable characters. Join Tauzuri and the gang as they fight for one destiny in an epic otherworldly adventure.

Will the Chosen succeed in defeating the cruel Overlord? One way to find out.

Rated 16+: This book contains some violent scenarios and imagery.