The Perfect Nanny

The perfect surrogate. A troubled child. An amazing nanny with an instant connection. A terrible truth hidden beneath the surface...
Genre: Library | Thriller
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 540
Psychological Thriller


When Michael and Cynthia Thompson hire Olive to carry their second child, it seems like the perfect it.

Olive, the widow and mother of two, is thrilled to be able to help them, and successfully gives birth to their son Grant.

Yet things with Grant are not well.

He’s plagued by childhood schizophrenia, and Cynthia is overwhelmed caring for their special needs son and their daughter Anna.

They hire Helena, who is a godsend.

The nanny demonstrates an unusual ability to cope with Grant’s problems and instantly bonds with him.

But this seemingly perfect arrangement hides sinister intents.

Truths will be revealed and loyalties tested.

Who will survive the fall-out?