The Prison

They thought the threat was over It was just getting started.
Series: The Ark
Pages: 212
Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic | Dystopian | Hard Science Fiction


The Ark has left the solar system and taken with it the first humans to ever get this far. And even though Alissa was promoted to Chief of Security back on Earth, She wants nothing more than to escape back into a quiet existence with her friends. She had won, they were safe.

But he is still on her mind. The man with the silver glove plagues her dreams, loving her…killing her…and then…begging for her help?

She needs answers. This man she dreams of, isn’t the same as the monster back on Earth. He seems more human. Alissa can’t escape the overwhelming drive to save the man that tried to kill her. Something is very wrong with her.
Seeking answers may protect The Ark from future threats, but that fight might just cost them their lives.