The Seeker of Solace

“Get up, scum. Time to die.”
Pages: 267
Hard Science Fiction | Space Opera


The gallows await notorious outlaw Orlan Bazhaev in a small backwater town on a Neg world until a Frontier Marshal intervenes and spares his life. The price for this freedom? He has to hunt down his former gang and kill his mentor.

Orlan hunts the gang systematically, using his intimate knowledge of them to his advantage, all the while struggling with his choice. Ready to leave this murderous life behind, he questions if he deserves to return to civilized life.

Filled with action, aliens, and intrigue, The Seeker of Solace is escapist science fiction at its best. Are you looking for a quick read you can consume in a day, something to take you away to distant planets and leave your worries behind? You love this at times brutal and other times introspective tale of a hardened criminal who wants to change and become a better man. Delve into his journey.