The Servant’s Tower

Over a year has passed since the Devilbone incident, and the Sorcerous Crimes Division struggles to rebuild their ranks in the wake of the destruction cause by Daishad Clayton and his Plaguestone.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 291
Dark Fantasy | Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


In The Servant’s Tower, Commander Alcott Vulfort is forced into a medical retirement so that he can accept the role of the City of Kaharas’ new Security Councilor. He must come to terms with overseeing the safety of the entire free city day and night, and organizing the security for dangerous sorcerous contraband.

Meanwhile, a conspiracy involving the city’s migrant elf population comes to light, and newly-minted Sergeant Margo Landis finds herself constantly pulled towards a deadly artifact at its center.

While the city is in turmoil, it will have to do without Corporal Boyle Tanner and his squad of Heavyhand Raiders , who are dispatched to the Borrean Wastes south of Kaharas to address an ancient evil. But his new allies that may prove just as dangerous.