The Solstice Variant

What if by changing one thing, you made everything worse?
Pages: 285
Space Opera | Zombie


Solstice Dayton rides the slipstream, challenging fate in time and space. There are losses she cannot accept even if she’s bound by destiny.

But those she left behind are trapped by the same doom as Solstice. From out of the past, her sister emerges, and they race to put together the missing pieces to stop the coming invasion.

In book 1 of The Rising Sun series, a sequel series to The Burnt Sunset series, Solstice Dayton is trapped in the slipstream, condemned to repeat past mistakes. Caught between old enemies and friend’s holding grudges, she must choose between what’s best not only for earth, but also the entire solar system.

Fans of Marvel’s Loki and Ground Hog Day will devour The Solstice Variant, a young adult science fiction tale where a surprising twist lies behind every doorway.

Will Solstice save herself and earth or will the apocalypse happen again? Get the first book in The Rising Sun series today to find out what happened to all your friends from The Burnt Sunset series.