The Sorcerer’s Ascension

The path to your epic fantasy adventure begins here, if you have the courage to walk it.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 337
Coming of Age | Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


What would you do if someone took everything from you; your family, your home, your future? What if you were given untold power? How would you use it? Would you become a hero to save others from the pain you suffered, or would you seek vengeance against those who sought to destroy you? Perhaps you would do both.

That is the existential dilemma a young boy faces when the lords of the land vie for power without regard for the damage they leave in their wake. His life shattered, family killed, and his future irrevocably twisted, a young boy struggles to survive alone on the streets, or so he thought. The strength of his anger and desire for justice and revenge attracts the attention of the dark goddess. In her hand, she holds the gift of power that promises to make all of Azerick’s desires come true. But at what price?