The Spirit of Steel

2016 Moonbeam Award for Best Series 2015 Foreword Reviews IndieFab Finalist: Best Juvenile Fiction 2015 Readers' Favorite Finalist: Preteen Fantasy
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 224
Coming of Age | Sword & Sorcery


At the start of summer, no one, including thirteen-year-old Ethan Morus, knew that he’d been born with a treasure hunting instinct. Now that summer has ended, all groups desiring power are either seeking Ethan’s services or hoping to end his young life. Although he has pledged his allegiance to the Light, even they are leery of training him for fear the Dark may lure him to their side.

Ethan will face beasts and enchantments on this dangerous adventure, from deep below the water’s surface to high in the mountains. Yet his greatest enemies stand by his side as the line between Light and Dark blurs in the search for the Spirit of Steel.
The Spirit of Steel is the second book in J.R. Roper’s award winning Morus Chronicles series. Readers who enjoy middle grade adventure full of action, mythical creatures, magic, and treasure hunting will love The Spirit of Steel.