The Streets of Whirly

Magic meets murder in this steampunk fantasy by debut author A. M. Rodgers
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 453


When she first saw them, Jule hated the Fei—until she learned how useful invisible creatures could be.

In poverty and crime-stricken West Side Whirly, Jule is like anyone else at the bottom of the barrel, living meal-to-meal and stealing for money while avoiding her old gang leader and the stews of Doxy Row. Except Jule has the Fei, the tiny tricksters as likely to get her into trouble as out of it. When she’s hired by the mysterious blue-monocle man, she thinks it will be an easy in-and-out job. Instead she’s plunged into a decade long mystery of wizards, earls, and murder. If she ever wants to earn her freedom, she will have to solve the final question:

Who’s really running the streets of Whirly?