The Summerlands

She deeply buried her terrible betrayal. To discover why and save the world, she’ll have to cease being ordinary…
Genre: Fantasy | Mystery
Pages: 274
Metaphysical Fantasy | Occult Magic


Sera Parker is ready to face the future. Leaving her loving orphanage behind, she’s drawn to a charming small town by mysterious intuition. But the day she turns twenty-two, she discovers she’s a goddess returned to Earth… and she carries a shameful secret.

Overwhelmed by her true identity and missing crucial memories, Sera fears remembering too fast will trigger her fragile mind’s destruction. But as her old powers return, a fated act unleashes a hidden spell that reveals the entire planet is on the knife’s edge of annihilation.

Can the reincarnated celestial expose her truth before everyone perishes in brimstone and fire?

The Summerlands is the breathtaking first book in the Angels & Elementals metaphysical fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, dark twists and turns, and sweeping mythical worlds, then you’ll love Susan Butler Colwell’s captivating quest.