The Sweetest Words

His whole career is built on a lie, but what happens when he finally finds someone he wants to know the truth?
Genre: Library | Romance
Pages: 273
Contemporary Romance | Small Town | Sweet Romance


When Aspen’s father finally hands her the keys to the family bakery, she knows it’s her time to shine. With her sisters at her side, she remodels and re-themes their little store on Main Street in order to keep the family legacy alive, all while keeping the public ignorant of her father’s illness.

And she knows just how to kick start the grand re-opening in a big way…a review from ‘Eat It Austin’.

Austin has built his entire career on a facade. He adores food, but his struggle with dyslexia keeps him from actually writing any of the articles under his name. When his editor takes his review of “The Three Sisters Cafe” and turns the cafe into a laughingstock, Austin feels bad, but powerless. Especially since the beautiful baker, Aspen, had caught his attention in more ways than just her skills with a piping bag.

When Aspen issues a challenge for an apology, Austin must decide if following his heart is worth losing his reputation and possibly, his career.