The View from Infinity Beach

There's something hidden in the asteroid belt. A fresh start for the human race? Or just an oasis for the corrupt rulers of a dying planet? A teenager from Earth may be the key.
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 374
Space Exploration


Kade Morton is a young man far from home. He’s been told that humanity’s future lies in space, but Excalibur Station is just as cramped and dirty as the tenements he left behind on Earth. He is unaware that the station holds a secret that could change the course of humanity. A secret Kade together with some new friends are about to uncover at their peril.

As the forces of old Earth tighten their grip on his adopted home, Kade becomes an unlikely hero in the station’s war of independence. Humanity stands on the brink of its next great adventure and Kade has finally found a future worth fighting for. But when his dream is about to be snatched from him, he has to face a terrible dilemma.

Forced to choose between his friends and the fate of a new world, what will he do?