The Wizard’s Blade

Forged by evil mages. Lost in a vicious war. A sword that can save a realm—or bring it to its knees.
Pages: 377
Coming of Age | Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


Thorstorm is a land of chaos. Armies of horned invaders have destroyed its greatest cities. A Wrathlord’s curse plunges the nation toward blindness.

In a remote corner of the realm, young logger Baard Thon dreams of a life of adventure but fears he might never get the chance to leave his village.

Then the enemy storms the village and thrusts him into an epic quest to save everyone and everything he loves.

He is no mage; he is no blademaster. But since he escaped the curse, he must battle the curser.

The only weapon to kill a Wrathlord might be forever lost in the land of monsters. If he can’t survive long enough to find it, Baard will disappear into an eternal fog. And emerge as one of … them.