The Wizard’s Diary

At the center of it all is the mystery that fills Aarghathlain's heart: who is this magical little girl and why have they been brought together?
Pages: 169
Steampunk | Sword & Sorcery


There is only one spell in the entire world, or so everyone thought! For generations, wizards have been the keepers of the One True Spell, giving them the ability to see the future. However, looking into the future is a tricky thing, clouded by people’s hopes and fears. Since wizarding has become nothing more than a parlor trick to amuse the wealthiest inhabitants of Gemini City, maybe that is why no one saw the evil that was coming. The greatest wizard of the age is about to find out the world is far more magical than he imagined–thanks to one little girl. But will it be enough?


Although classified as YA Fantasy, the Wizard’s Diary is enjoyed by readers of all ages (middle grades to adult). The books are fast-paced and filled with an array of characters from epic heroes to dangerous and deceptive villains.