There’s a New Witch in Town

Welcome to Holiday Hills, where the coffee’s fresh and there’s magic in the air…
Genre: Library | Mystery
Pages: 210
Cozy Mystery


I have the perfect life. I recently rented the most adorable little apartment on top of my favorite bookstore/coffee shop on Main Street in Holiday Hills, the charmingest of charming small southern towns. I spend my days ghostwriting a cozy mystery series for a well-known author, and maybe just a minute or two crushing on the town’s police chief. But of course, I’d never let that cat out of the bag. I’m still reeling from my recent divorce, and no matter what my bestie says, I’m so not ready for anything in the romance department.
Speaking of cats, my little Burmese, Cooper, follows me around like he’s my guard dog. Thankfully, Holiday Hills is animal friendly. Everyone’s got a cat or dog, and that crazy old woman on the back end of town had the funniest talking parrot.
Oh, that crazy old woman, she was a local celebrity, which was often trouble for her daughter. How do I know? Because that’s me. I was the crazy old woman’s daughter.
The good news is everyone loved my mother, including me. The bad news is she recently died, and when she did, she opened a whole new world for me, one I’d always thought was fictional.
The magical world.
Now I have witchy powers, a talking cat, and a knack for finding dead bodies in my quaint little town.
Ones that haven’t died by accident.
My name is Abby Odell and I’m a witch.
Who knew? I sure didn’t. Thanks for that, Mom.