Things Unseen, Things Unsaid

A Cyber-Noir Detective Comedy
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 226
Cyberpunk | Detective Stories | noir


Enter the shiny-surfaced, augmented-reality city of Greater Maya, where hard-boiled detective Richard Cox and his no-nonsense partner William Johnson patrol the streets, handing out fines to litterbugs… Yeah, not the most glamorous job.

But when a seemingly routine case takes a bizarre turn, Cox smells something bigger brewing – and a grittier world beneath the virtual visuals. As they follow a trail of missing children and elusive suspects who can disappear into thin air, Cox and Johnson must rely on each other to solve the mystery that could take them from zeroes to heroes.

Will they rise to the challenge and crack the case of a lifetime, or will their partnership crumble under the pressure? And will Cox ever win Johnson’s heart? Find out in this thrilling page-turner, inspired by the writings of Raymond Chandler, that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and laughing in it too, right until the very end.