Third Contact

900 years ago, we launched the probes, hoping to find the light of intelligence in the vast dark. They were never heard from again. As humanity’s star-colonies struggle to emerge from a long dark age, the probes are all but forgotten. Now a message from one of them offers bright hope … or will it lead to a new darkness?
Series: Envoys
Pages: 422
First Contact | Space Opera


In the year 3014, the fledgling Confederation of Colonies must overcome one last barrier to unity: the centuries-old scourge of the pirate factions.

The crew of the starship Assured are in the midst of fighting the final pocket of pirate resistance on the verges of human-explored space when the battle is interrupted by a deep space transmission from a long-lost probe.

With the confirmation that aliens are building their own space-faring civilization 260 lightyears away, the human race’s petty brawling seems suddenly insignificant.

Humanity’s neighbors have extended an invitation. Assured is tasked with meeting them. Only one question remains …

Will they be friend … or foe?