Threat On The Horizon

An alien invasion delayed by bad weather!
Pages: 354
Alien Invasion | Colonization | Space Fleet


Threat On The Horizon picks up in 2126, 3 years after the events of Fierce Girls. Since their arrival Gunnery Sergeant Molly Pickford and Lieutenant Commander Rick Cassidy have cemented themselves in positions of influence within the colony while running the colony’s Logistics Directorate.

Ricks daughter Ciara is set to leave for the colony to join her dad after 4 long years of separation. She plans to attend the New Hope Academy, the colony’s only school and one that accepts only the best and brightest students. The long voyage to the colony will be anything but boring. Forces are afoot to stop the starship she’s traveling on from ever reaching the colony.

The aliens who have come to remove the humans from the planet, the diminutive Rift and their giant Andoval mercenaries, haven’t shown themselves yet but they are watching the New Hope Colony closely and preparing their invasion force.

No rest for the wicked though! Although the alien threat is still unknown to them Molly Pickford, Rick Cassidy and their friends in the Colonial Rangers still have to deal with the planet’s predators and some human predators as well.

The colony transport ship Amundsen arrives in the system with 5000 passengers and crew including 500 Colonial Rangers under Colonel Colin Fox. Some very unusual and suspicious clouds hanging over some islands to the south of the Alpha continent come to the attention of the Amundsen’s commander who shares his concerns with Colonel Fox and the Colonial Ranger HQ. Some wonder what, or who, might be behind the strange phenomenon.

Students at the New Hope Academy learn who’s going on the girl’s spring internship tour, a tour of the eastern settlements that includes some behind the scenes glimpses of how the colony is run. If only they knew what awaits them!