Town Secrets

Mythical, historical and scientific secrets are hidden in a small town, and an ancient evil is coming to find them.
Pages: 267
Folk Tales & Myth


As the only child of a struggling single parent, Adam McTaggart never dreamed his life could be any more exciting than one day becoming a mechanic at his local garage – until the day he hears that a nearby community has been mysteriously destroyed.Suddenly Adam finds himself in the middle of an adventure he never imagined possible – discovering hidden places, scientific wonders, and even a centuries-old mysterious organization concealed in his boring hometown.Alongside his wise-cracking teenage friends, Adam will uncover the real origin and purpose of his town, and his life will be changed forever when he learns the truth about his own history.

But something is coming, looking for an ancient power protected within the tiny town, and it is destroying other communities as it draws near.

Can Adam learn everything he needs to know in time to protect his friends, his town, and the most powerful secret of all?