Void Hunters

Humanity has paid a price in blood.
Pages: 306
Galactic Empire | Space Opera


The Reavers have nearly wiped out the first human planet, and Korbins old nightmares have come back to life. But the Reavers have attacked other worlds too, and now the galaxy is in turmoil. Now Korbin has returned from a meeting with the Seven. The time for games is over. It is time to hunt the Reavers together in the void. Korbin has promised a task force to join the war effort, and he will deliver. And he does not return empty-handed. By his side is his new Master Anon, one of the Lost Ones, and former enemy of the Watcher. Can Korbin learn enough in time from his mysterious new teacher to make a difference? The game has changed so much, and he has much to lose. The Reavers have increased their efforts, and the mysterious True Emperor is still messing with the Empire behind the shadows. Time to grow a pair.