Warrior Born: Vengeance awaits

He was exiled to the Galactic Rim... with an expendable crew in a ship that shouldn’t exist. Their corrupt military leaders sent them on a one-way mission to die. He chose vengeance instead...
Pages: 201
Space Fleet | Space Opera


Captain Aldo Lath is hated by his Commanders for his battle competence, battle commendations and for befriending the human hero of the Slave War.

Exiled to the distant edge of the galaxy with a crew of miss-fits, they are tasked with the tough and often fatal work of repairing perimeter battle drones.

They discovered the ship they were in had a special purpose. And, it wasn’t to save them. The arrogant, corrupt and incompetent Admiralty Elite cared only about prestige, power and money.

They secretly funneled expired, weapons grade resources to The Verge expecting Lath and his crew to ferry the ship out to the waiting pirates… and die.

Except, Lath and his crew refused to go quietly into the night.