Whoopie Pies and Deadly Lies

Lies... they can get you out of a jam... and also murdered.
Genre: Library | Mystery
Pages: 159
Cozy Mystery | Women Sleuths


When a big Tech Firm announces their intention to award one lucky business in Sandy Bay a very generous grant, almost every business owner declares their interest.

Meghan Irvin, a local bakery owner, dreams about what she would do with that amount of money… Maybe opening a new shop in some exotic foreign location. Or a luxurious holiday for her and her newly wed husband.

Everyone is stunned when a key personnel from the Tech Firm is found dead. Was their death natural, accidental or something much more sinister?

Meghan got to know the deceased a bit, and she’s confused and traumatized by the events surrounding their death.

She’s also dismayed when she discovers lies that have been told by people close to her.

Will Meghan be brave enough to confront the lies around her and a killer determined to escape justice?