Wizard Stone

Flung down a mountain to escape an evil sorcerer. Given an impossible quest. Can a young wizard use his magical sword and his fledgling powers to save the kingdom and the woman he loves, even at the cost of his freedom?
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 460
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


Wizards don’t have friends. Beneban believed this, when he escaped the clutches of Ztavin, the evil sorcerer with whom he’d apprenticed. But as he strives to stay free by fulfilling his end of a bad bargain, he discovers many wonders in the Kingdom of Larlion. He is befriended by strange and magical creatures on his quest: tiny Worfs, a giant horned feline, the mysterious and powerful Forest Lady, and a three-handed, fur-covered soldier in the Grand Lar’s army.
Danger, treachery, romance, assassins, battles and even ice dragons are on the horizon. Will Beneban’s growing powers and skill with his sword be enough to win his freedom without betraying his new friends?