Wolf Freed

Life is hard. Especially when you’re dead. Well, mostly dead.
Series: Magic Bound
Pages: 185
Paranormal | Shifters | Urban Fantasy | Vampires


I thought I had it all, my life set with the perfect apartment, a well paying job, and a hot boss who was into me.
The downside? He’s a vampire, and where’s the possible future with an immortal being when you’re simply human?
The choice was too difficult, until he accidentally killed me.
What a charmer.
Too bad he did a terrible job.
Now I’m not alive, not vampire, and not fully dead apparently. But a whole new world is revealed to me, one of magic, werewolves, shifters, and more.
And when a young dead girl needs help, I find myself working with the two men I have feelings for.
Just my luck. What else could go wrong?