Interview with Michael Beashel – International Bestselling Author

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Author Interviews

It is no secret that storytelling has always attracted mankind. It started with cavemen documenting their daily lives, then went all the way up to the creation of complex and rich universes. Story types and genres expanded over decades to include all that we could and couldn’t imagine, to tell us of the past, present, and future.

One genre, however, decided to stand at a safe distance between reality and fiction. That is, of course, Historical fiction, a genre that brings us back in time to ages lost and times forgotten. It shows us how life could have been, had we lived among our ancestors, and it does it with an eye from the present, an eye that sees the future but longs for the past, a combination that freezes time and brings us to the heart and soul of our humanity.

This fascinating genre has led us to interview the equally thrilling and international bestselling author Michael Beashel whose sixth book in The Australian Sandstone Series, titled Rough Currents is already a #1 new release on Amazon.

Our Interview with Michael Beashel

  • Before we begin, would you please tell our readers a little about yourself?
    Yes, sure. Sydney born to Irish forebears who immigrated to New South Wales in the 1860s and settled in Millers Point. I’m married with adult children and live in Sydney’s inner west having spent my youth in Bondi. Prior to writing full-time, l was head of Asset Development for a global accommodation services company registered on the NY Stock Exchange and have struck a blow at senior levels in some of Australia’s iconic construction companies including a ten-year stint at Lend Lease. In Sydney, Government restorations to the Customs House and the Town Hall accompany commercial buildings completed in the private sector. In Southeast Asia, I managed a construction division building apartments and hotels in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.
    • At Book Loot, we know that your background and lifelong career were in construction. What made you switch to writing?
      The industry in which I spent many years, its characters, clients, tradespeople, designers, and bureaucrats, have provided me a rich material for my writing. and a love of construction. Writing is, “it’s a passion and I revel in using the building industry as a tapestry to weave a great tale seasoned with historic facts and with memorable characters.”


    • Why did you choose Historical Fiction? Why not another genre?
      I’ve always had an eye for the emergence of Sydney’s built form, from the early days of the colony to the present.

    • The Australian Sandstone Series is without a doubt a successful series, so we couldn’t help but wonder, where did you get the inspiration?
      Sandstone is an iconic rock layer formation that is typical of the Sydney’s city basin. Its qualities of colour, texture, strength, and tone all signify to me the real Sydney.


    • How about the setting? Why the 1800s? And what approach did you use to bring this period to life?
      It’s when European settlement first grew from infancy, after the First Fleet, to puberty and there were cataclysmic events of wool, gold rushes, and immigration in that century which extrapolated the population and growth of the place: a great era for stories of struggle, explosive wealth and powerful and achieving persons.

    • This series is a lot more than Historical fiction though. Its previous five books already contain amazing stories of love, revenge, ambition, and more. So, what’s next? What else can we expect to see in your upcoming book Rough Currents?
      It’s got a convict revolt, natural disasters, and class friction, all thrown in as a backdrop to a developing mature romance.


    • What’s the future of Michael Beashel? What other exciting news can you give us? A secret project? A next book in the series?
      I’m working on two more novels in The Australian Sandstone Series for 2023, Books 7 and 8 and they are in advanced drafts. Additionally, I’ll be publishing a second Novella in December this year Sunlight over Shadow.

    We would like to thank you very much for answering our questions and can’t wait to read more of your stories.

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    Michael Beashel is an Amazon international best seller in Historical Fiction Anthologies category.

    Beashel holds a B. App. Science (Building) from Sydney’s UTS and is a member of Writing NSW. Beashel finds his excitement in the design and construction industry, military history and Rugby. He’s sailed in Herons but leaves the racing and honours to other family members!

    Unbound Justice is his first novel and books 2 and 3 Unshackled and Succession are further books in The Australian Sandstone Series.