Interview With Frank Dixon – Author of the popular series Best Parenting Books

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Author Interviews

As you all know, Book Loot has dedicated itself to closing the gap between authors and readers. We try to achieve this by doing more than just introduce new books to you. We reach out to various authors in an attempt to peel at least one of their protective layers, so you can feel closer to the creators behind the books your read. Today, we are taking a step away from fiction to speak with the master mind behind the popular non-fiction series Best Parenting Books, Frank Dixon.

Frank Dixon is the author of the highly acclaimed book, How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children. He commands a catalogue of nearly fifteen books that help parents pave a wide road for their children and build a healthy and productive young generation. His upcoming book, How to Raise a leader is a new step in his growing ladder, and the main reason we reached out with our own questions.

Before we begin, we would like to thank Frank for taking the time to answer our questions and giving our readers the chance to know a little more about him.

Our Interview with Frank Dixon

  • We would like to open with our regular question, would you please tell our readers a little about yourself?


    Hi there, my name is Frank Dixon. I’m the author of the Best Parenting Books series. I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, I’ve moved around all throughout Boston, but I’m currently back in my hometown where I grew up. After I completed high school, I joined the Army National Guard, and after serving for several years, I completed trade school for computer support, and my daughter was born in 2011. Since then, I have been working and writing. I’m also an Account Executive for a staffing agency. In my downtime, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, reading, writing, hiking, playing sports, swimming, and listening to comedy. For the most part, I’m a homebody; much of my family and friends live around me, so I’m quite content.


  • You have a large catalogue of books, yet they all focus on one subject, Parenting. Can you please tell us why teaching the art of parenthood is so important to you?


    I had a complicated childhood growing up. After my daughter was born, I was in search of my “Why” and purpose. I already had a knack for writing though I didn’t have any real direction. After spending a lot of time thinking about my purpose and direction I came to a point where I realized deep down it was highly important to me that other children don’t go through the same experience that I endured. Whether we realize it or not, our childhood experience has a profound impact on our lives in adulthood. Knowing this and how important it is to me is what set me on a path to teaching the art of parenthood.


  • Can you also tell us how you compiled the guidelines you are teaching in your books?


    I invest a good amount of time consulting with parents, readers and various other sources to come up with topics I decide to write about. I designed the Best Parenting Books series keeping in mind that I aimed to make my books easy to read, fluff-free, with simple, actionable advice, and proven parenting strategies backed by research. This leads to an overall better parenting experience, an effective and functional family with kids that grow up to become successful and flourishing adults.


  • Who do you think your books are suited for? Are we talking about new parents? or ones with children at a certain age for example?


    My books are best suited for new parents and also experienced parents have benefitted from reading my books as well. Parenting starts from the time the fetus is in a mother’s womb however my books are applicable for toddlers through the teenage years, an age range of 3-19 years of age.


  • If you can only give one advice to parents, what would it be?


    As parents, we are the role models and the example we set for our children largely impacts their future and entire lives. Childhood is the most critical phase of your child’s life and there is no doing it over. In the words of Fredrick Douglas, “It’s easier to build strong children than to fix broken men or women.” No matter what parenting method you choose to implement or a combination, it’s always better to have a strategy than to figure it out as you go. However you choose to parent, remember to parent empathetically and with love.


  • Your Upcoming book is about how to raise a leader, can you tell us more about that?

There are typically two types of people in the world. Those who follow and those who lead. Most people are followers but every person is capable of becoming a great and effective leader. It’s easier to be a follower, so why not? Leaders are criticized, under frequent pressure, constantly challenged and it’s not an easy title to carry however this world needs more leaders to steer humanity in the right direction. This past year was filled with major challenges which include but are not limited to a pandemic, and a rise in hate and crime. The world as a whole has suffered tremendously and is in desperate need of healing, recovery, and positive empowerment. This book is aimed to start that transformation, to provide parents with the knowledge to set their children up to be effective and successful leaders for the future of humanity.


  • From the sheer number of five-star reviews on your books, we can see how they helped many parents, but we would like to know what do you hope for your books to achieve?

My hope is for parents to feel they have gained new knowledge and parenting skills they can apply in their everyday lives for a better parenting experience for the benefit of their children, friends and families and pass that into their children and future generations to come. The concept is simple yet highly important to understand and recognize. Poor parenting breeds a continuous cycle of poor parenting. Positive parenting breeds a continuous cycle of positive parenting.


  • Is there any other subject that you didn’t talk about in any of your books yet and would like to explore in the future?

Stay tuned for my new upcoming series! “How To Raise A Leader” is the first of many new and resourceful parenting books which will include a new wide range of important parenting topics providing huge value to parents and families.


  • Finally, if any of our readers wanted to reach you, how can they do it?


    Readers can reach out to me through the contact page on my website: https://bestparentingbooks.org

    We would like to thank Frank Dixon once again for answering our questions and cannot wait to see more of his helpful books on the market.

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    Frank Dixon is a non-fiction author whose books focus on teaching parents how to raise a great generation of children.

    He follows a straightforward approach system that is designed to help parents understand child behavior before presenting actionable strategies that can be used on a daily basis.